Snellville Boy Band 'Spontaneous' Answers Our Questions

'Spontaneous' members talked to Snellville Patch about their background and hopes for the future.

Inspired by flash mobs, Austin Agar, 17, Reed Cowan, 18, and Justin Lennox, 18, pop up at local businesses and restaurants in Snellville to sing pop songs similar to One Direction, with voices that blend in fantastic harmonies and rhythms. 

Their first music video, "Poppin' Up," received more than 210,000 views on YouTube, while the most recent video, "Princess," has received more than 110,000 in a little over a week's time. The music is written and performed by the three guys, and filmed by Kaleb Flores. 

Snellville Patch asked the trio, which includes two Brookwood students and one alumni, about their aspirations and motivation via email. 

Snellville Patch: How did you guys get to know each other? 
Justin: Austin and I met through drumline at Brookwood and decided to form a boy band together. Reed was cleaning instruments in the Band Room and saw us practicing one day. He heard us singing and spied on us from the instrument room. We started practicing “Gangnam Style” and he just started singing along from the other room. We liked his voice so much we asked him to come out and from there it was history.

Snellville Patch: Do any of you have a musical background? Instruments? Voice lessons?
Reed: Both Justin and I have brothers who play music, so we took up piano after them and Austin plays drums (though none of us have any formal training, especially for voice!). 

Snellville Patch: Who choreographs your videos?
Reed: We just watch an NSYNC choreography video and copy their moves. (Just kidding.)

Snellville Patch: What are the locations featured in "Princess" and "Poppin' Up"?
Justin: We pop up around The Avenue a lot, but we’ll go pretty much anywhere that doesn’t kick us out as soon as we start singing.

Snellville Patch: Do you have any new projects coming up?
Reed: We should be releasing a new song in a months time, hopefully geared towards Valentine’s Day. 

Snellville Patch: What do you think sets you apart from other boy bands? 
Justin: What sets us apart from other boy bands is that we’re actually cute. Also, we’re trying to bring back the boy band sound of the 90s, like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. But we have no real talent, so I guess we’re like other boy bands in that way.

Read the rest of this interview on Snellville Patch. 


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