Gwinnett Graduates from Georgia Tech

These Gwinnett County students were among the 2000 undergraduate and graduate students honored during Georgia Tech's 244th commencement exercises.

News from Georgia Tech

ATLANTA, GA (01/16/2013)(readMedia)

Jeffrey Aguilar, Lilburn, MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Juan Aguilar, Lilburn, MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Choirurroin Ahmadi, Duluth, BS in Business Administration.

Osama Aladham, Suwanee, MS in Bldg Const/Facility Mgt.

Krit Athikulwongse, Duluth, PhD in Electrical & Computer Engr.

Marius Balla, Buford, BS in Aerospace Engineering.

Probal Banerjee, Suwanee, MBA-Management, Technology.

Christopher Barnidge, Lilburn, BS in Business Administration.

Claire Barr, Sugar Hill, BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Jason Bennett, Lilburn, BS in Business Administration.

Luke Bentley, Lawrenceville, BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Brent Blihovde, Lilburn, BS in Computational Media.

Joshua Bolla, Buford, BS in Computational Media.

Karlos Cabrera, Duluth, BS in Civil Engineering.

Sean Cantrell, Duluth, BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Andrew Cash, Dacula, BS in Civil Engineering.

Mikulas Chalupa, Duluth, BS in Electrical Engineering.

Amit Chandrasekhar, Suwanee, MS in Chemical Engineering.

Nanley Chery, Dacula, BS in Computer Engineering.

David Chin, Lilburn, MBA-Management.

Johnathan Chiu, Norcross, BS in Business Administration.

Sebastien Chiza, Lawrenceville, BS in Electrical Engineering.

Ramon Alvin Chua, Suwanee, MBA-Global Business.

David Claxton, Buford, BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Deirdre Corley, Duluth, BS in Industrial Engineering.

Michael Dam, Lawrenceville, a BS in Industrial Engineering.

John Dennis, Lawrenceville, MBA-Management, Technology.

Helina Desta, Lilburn, BS in Chemical & Bio Eng.

Krishna Dommeti, Suwanee, BS in Computer Science.

Eduardo Espinel, Duluth, MBA-Management.

Paul File, Suwanee, BS in Chemical & Bio Eng.

Michael Foster, Duluth, MBA-Global Business.

Stefan Garcia, Grayson, BS in Architecture.

Randheer Gehlot, Suwanee, MBA-Management.

Rashi Goel, Snellville, BS in Environmental Engr.

Richard Gonzalez, Norcross, BS in Electrical Engineering.

Shivani Goswami, Lawrenceville, BS in Biology.

Frank Grammens, Suwanee,  MS in Medical Physics.

Rebecca Gray, Snellville,  MS in Environmental Engr.

Ryan Groom, Buford,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Du Ha, Lilburn,  BS in Computer Science.

Bilind Hajer, Lilburn,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

David Han, Duluth,  BS in Business Administration.

Sheetul Hassan, Snellville,  BS in Materials Sci & Engr.

Kathryn Hites, Lilburn,  BS in Environmental Engr.

Nicholas Horne, Norcross,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

Stephen Jadczak, Lawrenceville,  BS in Biology.

Ayoub Jarrad, Suwanee,  BS in Computer Engineering.

Jay Jenkins, Suwanee,  MS in Bldg Const/Facility Mgt.

Tanaya Joshi, Duluth,  BS in Aerospace Engineering.

Shelly Jung, Suwanee,  BS in Applied Mathematics.

Bader Kashlan, Suwanee,  BS in Environmental Engr.

Chulmin Kim, Duluth,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Jin Kim, Duluth,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

Jason Kulpe, Snellville,  MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Wenchao Li, Duluth,  MS in Electrical and Computer.

Zhanxiang Liang, Norcross,  MBA-Management.

Nicholas Lombardi, Suwanee,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Louella Lugo, Suwanee,  BS in Science, Tech, & Culture.

Viet Luu, Lawrenceville,  BS in Chemical & Bio Eng.

Akbar Madhani, Duluth,  MBA-Management.

Michael Malanoski, Lilburn,  MS in Aerospace Engineering.

Michael Maltos, Buford,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Jessica Mason, Suwanee,  BS in Business Administration.

Zohaib Maya, Suwanee,  BS in Computer Science.

Christopher McCloskey, Dacula,  BS in Business Administration.

Robert McCormick, Suwanee,  BS in Chemical & Bio Eng.

Michael McDonough, Suwanee,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Michael McKenzie, Suwanee,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Zachary Meeks, Dacula,  BS in Physics.

Victoria Menendez, Dacula,  BS in Biology.

Daniela Mewes, Lilburn,  BS in Earth & Atmospheric Scis.

Anirudha Mididoddi, Suwanee,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

Charles Minando, Lilburn,  BS in Biomedical Engineering.

Clara Moon, Lilburn,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

Samuel Morgan, Suwanee,  BS in Business Administration.

Adam Morse, Suwanee,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Ashar Naseer, Duluth,  MBA-Management, Technology.

Viet Ha Ngo, Duluth,  BS in Econ & Int'l Affairs.

Thuy Nguyen, Lawrenceville,  BS in Chemical & Bio Eng.

Alex Nguyen, Duluth,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Scott Nguyen, Duluth,  BS in Biochemistry.

Pascal Ntsama, Suwanee,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Laura Nuta, Dacula,  BS in Business Administration.

Philip O'brien, Suwanee,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

James Oguntebi, Lilburn,  MS in Computer Science.

Linda Opigo, Lawrenceville,  MBA-Management.

Derek Osborne, Duluth,  MBA-Global Business.

Andrew Pak, Buford,  BS in Earth & Atmospheric Scis.

Amanda Palaski, Lawrenceville,  BS in Biology.

Mi Park, Duluth,  BS in Computer Science.

Dipesh Patel, Lilburn,  BS in Chemistry.

Aesha Patel, Duluth,  BS in Business Administration.

Kevin Peek, Dacula,  MS in Computer Science.

David Perez, Lilburn,  BS in Business Administration.

Timothy Philip, Lilburn,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Timothy Pincumbe, Duluth,  BS in Computer Science.

Christopher Porter, Lawrenceville,  BS in Computer Science.

Chelsea Proffitt, Lawrenceville,  BS in Biomedical Engineering.

Zachary Puckett, Buford,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Jordan Quallen, Lawrenceville,  BS in Aerospace Engineering.

Marcus Quettan, Snellville,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Tulika Raj, Larwrenceville,  MBA-Management, Technology.

Radu Reit, Buford,  BS in Biomedical Engineering.

Jarrod Rifkind, Lilburn,  MS in International Affairs.

Santiago Rios, Suwanee,  BS in Architecture.

Austin Rowan, Lilburn,  MS in Civil Engineering.

Patrick Rucker, Snellville,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Charles Rupprecht, Lawrenceville,  BS in Psychology.

Nivay Sahaye, Lawrenceville,  BS in Industrial Design.

Elizabeth Scofield, Norcross,  BS in Int'l Affairs & Mod Lang.

Abhishek Shah, Buford,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Sergey Shcherbina, Lawrenceville,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Dong-Hyuk Shin, Duluth,  PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Brian Simmons, Lawrenceville,  MS in Architecture.

Nitesh Singh, Duluth,  BS in Biomedical Engineering.

Samrat Sinharoy, Norcross,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Travis Smith, Duluth,  BS in Aerospace Engineering.

Jessica Solana, Suwanee,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

Hasan Soneji, Lawrenceville,  BS in Business Administration.

William Stamper, Norcross,  BS in Computer Science.

Kristen Stansell, Grayson,  BS in Business Administration.

Kathleen Steinwedel, Norcross,  BS in Psychology.

Jessica Straut, Duluth,  BS in Computer Science.

Leah Strohsnitter, Duluth,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Megan Sumner, Lilburn,  BS in Business Administration.

Iris Sun, Duluth,  BS in Computational Media.

Dylan Swords, Lawrenceville,  BS in Computer Science.

Robert Thigpen, Dacula,  MBA-Management.

Derji Thomas, Lilburn,  MS in Bldg Const/Facility Mgt.

Mary Thumaty, Duluth,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Stephanie Travis, Snellville,  BS in International Affairs.

Cory Tripp, Buford,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Leo Truong, Lilburn,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Daniel VanBeek, Dacula,  BS in Computer Engineering.

Taylor Walters, Grayson,  BS in Architecture.

Loren Weaver, Sugar Hill,  BS in Civil Engineering.

Julie White, Lawrenceville,  BS in Electrical Engineering.

Christopher Wiley, Duluth,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Connor Winn, Suwanee,  BS in Business Administration.

Yoon Woo, Suwanee,  BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Xue Xia, Lilburn,  BS in Industrial Engineering.

Yuan Zhong, Lawrenceville,  PhD in Mechanical Engineering.


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