Suwanee Police Don't Anticipate Charges in Chattahoochee Run Fatal Shooting

The case remains open, a police spokesperson says. Charissa Thomas was 'accidentally' shot last October.

The case remains open in a fatal domestic shooting in Suwanee from last October. However, Suwanee Police "don't anticipate bringing any charges" against the man who says he "accidentally" shot his wife inside their home.

Suwanee Police spokesperson Capt. Clyde Byers said Wednesday (February 20) that the case remains open into the homicide of Charissa Thomas. Her husband, Steven Thomas, told Suwanee Police that he "accidentally" shot his wife in the head.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 10 in the couple's home in the Chattahoochee Run subdivision, according to police. Officers who responded to Steven Thomas' call to dispatch found Charissa Thomas' body at the top of the stairs inside the home.

Steven Thomas has remained free since the incident after being questioned by Suwanee Police.

A gun was found placed near the body, and a cell phone was found near her body.

In the master bedroom, officers noticed that a bedside stand had been moved irregularly, away from a wall. There was blood leading from Charissa Thomas' body through the bedroom and into the master bathroom.

In the bathroom, the sink had several spots of blood on it, and water was still running. Officers also found a cleaning agent and a rag lying on the floor, just outside the bathroom in the bedroom.

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Northern Lawman February 24, 2013 at 05:47 AM
to MM..just how well did your mother know the Thomas's ??? marriages sometimes "appear" ok to friends & outsiders, when in reality they are not. And how does your mother know Charissa woke up to let the dog out when she wasnt there, and Steve was in bed ? The only person who should factually know what she was really doing was shot in the head !! This man should not have a gun & should be in jail.
Northern Lawman February 24, 2013 at 06:09 AM
Sad to say that accidental shootings do happen...but this scenario just doesnt add up & neither does the shooters story. Theres so many unanswered questions here and only the investigators involved in this case have the answers to some of them. Forensics testing takes time and these tests may fill in alot of blanks in this case. But seriously, " I F " a loving husband did accidentally shoot his wife in the head, why on earth would he waste time digging out the cleaning agents, moving from room to room leaving a blood trail instead of immediately calling 911/police ?? place gun & cell phone near her body ?? Theres more to this story than is being told, clearly. Lets hope the truth is discovered before some other innocent family member, friend or neighbor of Steve's gets gunned down.
Lisa February 24, 2013 at 01:38 PM
The fact they have a dog makes this story even more ridiculous. Any dog owner is used to being woke up in the middle of the night by their dog...why didnt he shoot his wife before this particular night when the dog needed to go out? And is crime so bad on Chattahoochee Run that its necessary to sleep with a gun?? Seriously, there is another side to the husband not being portrayed in these articles...someone needs to do some more digging. Many of us who know the other side are watching and waiting.
Tracy March 23, 2013 at 09:22 PM
I couldn't agree more, Northern Lawman! An accidental shooting would result in a panicked 911 call. Forget the blood! Forget the mess! All that would matter is saving your spouse at all costs. Clearly, there's much more to know. I find it very curious that this case is all but non-existent in the news.
Ryan March 30, 2013 at 02:44 AM
I agree with Tracy. Where are the news stories? What a message being sent to middle-aged married women of Suwanee. No charges at all?? All you have to do is turn on Investigative Reports and you'll see loving husbands with much less evidence against them than this case going on trial.


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