Gwinnett Man: ‘I Took 34 Cold Pills’

Sugar Hill man taken into custody after being found in a disoriented state outside a retail store.

A Sugar Hill man who admitted taking a large quantity of cold medicine was arrested after being found walking in the parking lot of the Buford Target in a disoriented state.

Mall security contacted Gwinnett County Police at approximately 1 p.m. on Feb. 7 after encountering Christopher Griffin, 25, of Sugar Hill, and becoming concerned for Griffin’s health.

“I found [Griffin] sitting in the security car staring into space,” the arrest report stated. The officer noted Griffin’s pupils were dilated and non-reactive to light. When asked if he had taken any drugs, Griffin allegedly replied, “I took 34 cold pills.”

“I asked [Griffin] if he was ‘robo-ing,’ the slang term for dextromorophan abuse. [Griffin] shook his head indicating yes,” the officer wrote in the report.

Medics were called to the scene and determined Griffin was physiologically stable.

Griffin was placed under arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct for being impaired by intoxicants in a public parking lot.

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