Invisible Man, Bath Salt High, Body Dismembered and More: What Was the Strangest Northeast Georgia Story of the Year?

In 12 months of bizarre and remarkable occurrences in Gwinnett and Northeast Georgia, these are some of the strangest.

Patch reported on a lot of unusual encounters around Northeast Georgia in 2012. Some of the strangest are listed here. What do you think was the weirdest story of 2012? Let us know in the comments below the article.

Man Clad Only in Underwear Causes Disturbance at Buford Hotel

A Buford man had more questions than answers for the police officers attempting to determine how he ended up in a hotel lobby nearly naked and bleeding from several scratches and cuts.

Two Dacula brothers landed in jail after a drunken fight left both men bloodied and battered.

Winder Man Calls 911 to Report Being Invisible

The deputy was told the caller wanted a ride to the hospital "so he could get more medications" because he had taken all the medication he had received the night before.

Woman Attempts to Avoid Arrest By Covering Herself in Leaves and Twigs

An Athens woman who attempted to flee from an Oconee County Sheriff's deputy lost a shoe in the process, which proved helpful in her capture.

Man High on Bath Salts Threatens to Eat Other People

A man high on what is suspected to be "bath salts" was tasered 14 times, threatened to eat people's faces and exhibited superhuman strength in a June 14th incident at the Atlanta Golf Center in unincorporated Norcross.

Former Funeral Director's License Suspended after Body Dismembered

A businessman had his license suspended after it was reported that he dismembered an 800-pound body in order to fit it into the crematory.


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