Burglar Leaves Trail of Blood at Home

Witnesses spotted a green sport utility vehicle backed into driveway of Buford home shortly before alarm activated and suspect fled.

An officer investigating an Oct. 17 burglary found a trail of blood leading inside a Fallen Oak Drive home.

A Gwinnett County Police officer arrived at the home to find two males standing outside. The men, who identified themselves as friends of the homeowner, said they worked nearby and came to the home after their friend alerted them to the fact the burglar alarm had been activated. One of the men advised the front door was open and the rear window was smashed when he arrived.

The officer walked to the rear of the residence and found blood on a gutter pan near the smashed window. The officer also noticed blood on pieces of broken glass in and near the window, on the window blinds and on the ground. Once inside the home, the officer noted the alarm panel had been ripped off the wall in the main hallway.

“There was a blood drop on the ground in front of the alarm panel,” the officer wrote in the report. “I observed the smashed rear window with blood drops on the ground and carpet.”

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