Pressing On to "Make IT Plain"

This writer had the wonderful opportunity to go to Dr. Martin Luther King's 85th Birthday Celebration on Sunday.  The Commerative Service was held at The Ebenezer Baptist Church downtown on Auburn Ave, Sr. Pastor Warnock.  I truly enjoyed the singing and all the accolades to the memory of Dr. King.  Most of all, the guest speaker, Rev. Joseph Lowery was amazing at 92 years of age.  He was elegantly dressed, spoke eloquently and I was elated to "meet" him again.  The theme of his sermon was entitled "Make IT Plain"...he spoke on the subjects of Violence and Sexual Recklessness, Racial Issues, etcetera...He made it very plain so that a little child could understand.  He received many standing ovations.

I remembered meeting he and his deceased wife, Mrs. Evelyn Lowery at a popular black-owned restaurant on Cascade less than a year ago or so...they were both very friendly and we conversed throughout our meals.  I gave them both "flowers" then and I still do.  I am also on their ship list for his book that he was signing in the church annex.

A friend photographer and member of Ebenezer, Vincent Bursey, took pictures of others, mutual friends & acquaintances and me!

Two organizations (Atlanta Cares Mentoring Movement and The Lowery Institute) were represented. I am excited at the prospect of becoming a mentor to their youth & working in some capacity with the other.  I thank God for everyone reaching out to our youth positively to impact their lives.  I look forward to volunteering with them and connecting them to my clients based here in Gwinnett: The Michael Douglas Youth Foundation and The Harlem Legends.  I am sure it will be a mutually rewarding experience for all.


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