Grayson, Ga., Kicks Off 2013 With Another Encounter of the UFO Kind

Strange lights over Grayson, Ga., were reported on UFO Stalker three times last year and again in January 2013 with the report of strange lights viewed over Kroger.

Last year, Grayson, Ga., was mentioned on the UFO Stalker website three times. The first reporting was in February, then again in May, and finally there was a reporting on July 16. Whatever these reported unidentified flying objects are, they appear to be drawn to Grayson for some reason.

On the National UFO Reporting website, an entry from Grayson Ga. on Jan. 19, 2013 reads, in part:

On 01/19/13 at 18:43 my husband and I had come out of the Grayson Kroger. We had just put our groceries in our vehicle and as we were getting into the Front of our vehicle, I heard my husband say “Are we being invaded?” As I looked up into the night sky in front of us we saw about five amber colored lights pulsating. I replied and said: “oh, it is Saturday it’s got to be our military.” Then all of a sudden about four more appeared. It seemed like they were moving closer but in different distances. It is very hard to give any kind of measurement because it was dark. We could not hear them at all.

The person reporting went on to say:

This was the most unusual thing we had ever seen. It wasn’t any kind of aircraft we are aware of. I’m not even sure anyone else saw them. Again, the lights were an amber color not to red and not to orange. I would say they may have only one light on each one. I just wished it had been day light so I could explain them in more detail

I have to say it makes me wonder if we really are being watched. Now, after seeing this with my own eyes, I believe we are.

the person reporting the sighting in Grayson described the encounter as "a bright stationary light that got increasingly bright." 

, it was described as "a very large deep orange pulsating ball of light that appeared to be moving slowly at first, then shoot upward and disappear in 2-3 seconds."

On Feb. 13/14, 2012 it was described it as "20 bright orange spheres in a line above the trees."

 There was also a YouTube upload of a sighting over Grayson, Ga. in April 2009.

With four sightings over Grayson in the space of a year, it would appear that Grayson either has something going on over the skies that people aren't aware of, or if there ever is a visit from another world, Grayson residents can expect to be on the visitors' schedule.

This and more stories on the Loganville-Grayson area can be found on Loganville-Grayson Patch.


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